A Few of Our Favorite Things

We thought it would be helpful to share our own list of favorite items that might just be perfect for someone on your holiday checklist.

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Introducing Our Fotona StarWalker Laser


Dermatology Blog September 30, 2021 Go Warp Speed to Beautiful Skin We’re so excited to announce the arrival of the latest in aesthetic technology, the Fotona StarWalker Laser. This revolutionary hybrid pico and nanosecond laser delivers impressive results for a variety of skin issues: Stubborn sunspots Melasma Broken blood vessels and other vascular lesions Unwanted…

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Healthy, Beautiful Skin Shouldn’t Be a Pain


Dermatology Blog August 26, 2021 Healthy, Beautiful Skin Shouldn’t Be a Pain The dread you feel is real: medical procedures are often uncomfortable and even painful. This can keep even health-conscious people from getting the skin care they need. But dermatology has come a long way—and knowing that happy patients are comfortable patients, we make…

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Summertime Refresh: Get That Glow—Then Go Meet Your Friends

female friends talking over coffee at cafe table outdoors

Dermatology Blog July 29, 2021 Summertime Refresh: Get That Glow—Then Go Meet Your Friends The world is re-opening. Is your calendar starting to fill up? Vacations, work functions, family reunions, meetups with friends… are you ready? If you’re feeling a bit anxious, you’re not alone. It’s been a long time. Give your skin—and your confidence—a…

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Skincare Secrets of the Stars: Celebrities Are Aging in Reverse—Here’s Why

woman in a purple jumper standing on hour hand of clock and pushing minute hand backward

Dermatology Blog June 25, 2021 Celebrities Are Aging in Reverse—Here’s Why In Hollywood, 50 is the new 30. Thanks to their youthful-looking skin, some celebrities appear to have hardly aged a day in years. What gives? Here’s the truth about how the stars maintain their ageless complexions. The keyword is maintenance. Celebrities with great skin…

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Put Your Best Face Forward

Dermatology Blog May 29, 2021 Prepare for Compliments Get Flawless Skin in 3 Simple Steps Envision yourself—with gorgeous skin. How would you describe it? Smooth, radiant, even, firm? All of the above? You can take many paths to get the complexion of your dreams. The question is, how invested are you in putting your best face…

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Your Secret Skincare Weapon Plus Your Questions Answered

sun damage treatment toronto

Dermatology Blog April 12, 2021 Your Secret Skincare Weapon Plus Your Questions Answered You’ve heard the buzz about vitamin C and may have wondered, “What’s the big deal?” You know it can boost your immune system and it tastes delicious in a mimosa, but how can it improve your skin? Vitamin C packs a punch…

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Hy-a-lu-RON-ic AC-id

woman with clear skin dermatology

Dermatology Blog March 10, 2021 Hy-a-lu-RON-ic AC-id Get Some Face Time With Your Best Skin Yet Have you met our good friend Hyaluronic Acid? We know it’s a little tricky to pronounce—so how about you just say, “YES.” This new hyaluronic acid filler is injected directly into the skin via a series of tiny pinpricks. It…

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Spark Your Inner Glow

glowing skin Toronto

Dermatology Blog February 10, 2021 Spark Your Inner Glow Where Did You Get That Glow? Book your consultation Free radicals are a thing of the past—wait, no they aren’t! Our skin couldn’t possibly defend itself without cellular fortification. We need SPF, rest, and supplements for true inner and outer glow. That’s where Bend Beauty comes…

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woman getting assessed by dermatologist Toronto

Dermatology Blog December 16, 2020 #SkinGoals It’s the new year! Time to get rid of the old and bring in the new—skin that is. We want to help you achieve your individual skin goals for 2021 with an annual treatment plan. What’s in a treatment plan? Meet with us to discuss your concerns and go…

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