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The skin on the neck is thinner and more delicate than a​lmost any other areas of the skin ​ Exposed to the elements but rarely cared for, it shows the first signs of aging well before you reach your 40s. In fact, most patients who are concerned about the appearance of their neck are in their 40s to 60s, by which time only a medical aesthetic treatment can reverse the years of neglect.

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Comprehensive Rejuvenation

Neck rejuvenation plays a significant role in looking your best for two reasons:

  1. The appearance of your face is undeniably connected to the neck. When your face looks 45 but your neck looks 65, there is an odd disconnect in your appearance. For this reason, rejuvenating treatments targeting the neck can help you look younger, ​over all.
  2. The neck is the base on which your face sits. If the skin on your neck sags, as is common with aging, it pulls down the skin on your face. This reduces the effectiveness of your rejuvenating facial treatments to a certain extent. Rejuvenate your neck, and you'll enjoy a more youthful look that w​ill​ last longer.

The neck can be plagued by a number of issues, including fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, discolouration, and prominent platysmal bands. After all, it is 3 times thinner than the skin on your face! Our board-certified dermatologists will assess your neck and goals to determine the most suitable treatment protocol to effectively resolve your concerns.

Tech​ neck, turkey neck, crepey neck, and neck lines — whatever you call it, the signs of aging on your neck can detract from your inner youthfulness. Facial rejuvenation, in addition to neck rejuvenation, is really the complete approach to restoring confidence in your appearance.

Neck Rejuvenation Treatment FAQ

Yes, there are a number of ways by which neck skin can be tightened. Non-surgical treatment options include Micro-Focused Ultrasound with Visualization and laser based technologies that work to increase collagen levels in the skin, thereby smoothing away wrinkles and saggy skin. We often combine Micro-Focused Ultrasound with Visualization and laser-based therapies with collagen-boosting injectables for best results.

It is possible with proper skincare habits and a medical aesthetic treatment, such as Micro-Focused Ultrasound with Visualization.

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