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Don't Let Your Hands Add Years to Your Appearance

Like the face, our hands receive daily sun exposure – and are also an area we tend to neglect when it comes to applying sunscreen. The effects of sun damage including wrinkles and sun spots can appear on the hands due to this lifelong unprotected interaction with harsh UV rays.

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We offer many treatments that have been proven to be safe and effective in the rejuvenation and repair of the skin on the hands. These options are gentle yet extremely effective, and do not require lengthy downtime.

Solutions can smooth away wrinkles, even out tone and improve irregular  textures. Veins and tendons may also be overly prominent, as a result of fat deterioration and thinning skin. This issue can be addressed and made less visible with a dermal filler.

Does the visible age of your hands match the rest of your body? It's not uncommon for the face to look younger than the hands, simply because the hands are such a neglected part of the body. They do just about everything for you, are always exposed to the elements, and their skin is actually quite thin as well as delicate. Don't they deserve a little love too?

We've found that patients are able to achieve beautiful, natural looking results through a combination of treatments. For example, laser based technologies can eliminate wrinkles and discolouration, while dermal fillers are able to replenish moderate to severe volume loss. Your customized hand rejuvenation treatment regimen will help ensure that your hands get the TLC they deserve. Your hands will have fewer wrinkles, less pigmented spots, and be more supple. To maintain your results, make sure to keep your hands  protected from UV exposure.

Hand Rejuvenation FAQ

Can you get rid of wrinkles on your hands?

Hand wrinkles can be smoothed out by restoring moisture and collagen levels. Laser and broadband light technologies can help boost collagen production, while fillers can plump up the skin to decrease and eliminate wrinkles.  

How long do hand fillers last?

Fillers used for hand rejuvenation can last  over a year, depending on the type of filler product used.

What is the best treatment for hand rejuvenation?

This depends on what issues are affecting the appearance of your hands. Laser and broadband light can restore the skin quality, making it smoother and more even toned. For hands that have prominent veins and tendons, fillers may help add extra "padding" to hide them. We have found that a combination of treatments may be the most suitable approach to hand rejuvenation.

Why do my hands look old and wrinkly?

The skin on your hands is frequently exposed to the damaging effects of UV and lifestyle habits. With time, your hands become more wrinkled.

How do you fix veiny hands?

Fillers can be used to make veins less visible.

Why are my hands aging so fast?

The hands are often a neglected part of the body. While you may apply moisturizer regularly, the skin on the hands is exposed to UV, the environment and physical stressors.​ Also​, the skin on the back of the hands is thinner than many other areas of the body which make it less resilient​. For these reasons, the skin on your hands often ages faster than the ​ skin on the rest of your body.

Give Your Hands Some TLC

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