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Restoring Aging Earlobes

Approximately a quarter of the ear length is comprised of the earlobe. Regardless of the overall size of the ear, the average length of the earlobe ranges from 1.5cm to 2cm. In youth, our earlobes are plump and proportionately sized. With aging, volume loss and skin laxity both impact its shape and length. As a matter of fact, medical insight into aging suggest that the only area of the ear that may display the signs of aging is the earlobe.

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Refine Your Earlobes

The earlobes are made up of connective tissue that does not have the same elasticity as the rest of the ear. For this reason, they may be more prone to the impact of aging.

Ptosis is the technical term for sagging skin and tissues, a condition that occurs as we age. Earlobe ptosis is characterized by elongated earlobes that appear stretched out. Wrinkles may also be visible. This occurs as ​a​ result of a decrease in ​collagen and elastin​ fibres and the constant downward pull of gravity. While the average length of the earlobe in younger people is about 1.8cm in length and 2cm in width, the length often increases with age and the width decreases.

A youthful earlobe shape features a gentle outer curve that extends down toward the head. The earlobe is smooth and plump, free of wrinkles. With these traits in mind, our board-certified dermatologists will assess your earlobes to determine the most suitable course of treatment ​for you.

Our dermatologists have found that injectable treatments, namely dermal fillers, tend to achieve pleasing results for our patients. These treatments can give you an improvement you can see instantly, ​with minimal downtime and without the risks related to surgery.

Patients with stretched out earlobes caused by wearing heavy earrings may also achieve satisfying results with injectables.

Earlobe Rejuvenation Treatment FAQ

Stretched earring holes may benefit from injectable filler treatments. These plump up the earlobes, reducing the size of piercings.

Elongated ears can be reduced in length with cosmetic medicine. While surgery is an option, those who want to avoid surgery may consider injectable fillers.

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