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Erasing Undesirable Pigmentation

Melanin refers to the pigmentation in your skin, produced by cells called melanocytes. When the state of a melanocyte is compromised, melanin production is affected. The effect of UV exposure can cause melanin production to increase, and this is how brown spots on your skin develop. Our board-certified dermatologists can help you regain an even complexion with medically proven laser treatments and skincare.

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The Visible Impact of Sun Damage

As you age, you may notice brown spots appearing on your face and body. Many of us call these sun spots, age spots or solar lentigos - and as the last name suggests, these are the direct result of sun damage. These brown spots may also be called liver spots, although they have nothing to do with the liver!

Brown spots are concentrations of pigment that can be irregular in shape, typically larger than freckles. We offer a variety of treatments and medical-grade skincare products to reduce and eliminate brown spots.

While brown spots may be dangerous, it can be difficult to distinguish those that are potentially cancerous. Our board-certified dermatologists have unparalleled expertise on the topic of skin cancer. We will examine your brown spots to ensure they are benign so you can be confident knowing that your skin is healthy.

Melasma is a pigmentary condition that your dermatologist or family doctor may have diagnosed. This skin condition can also cause brown spots on the skin, however determining the most suitable course of treatment requires the expertise of a dermatologist.​ Please read more about melasma here.

Brown Spot Removal Treatment FAQ

What gets rid of brown spots on skin?

Brown spots can be removed with laser and intense pulsed light technologies, as well as medical-grade skincare products. These all work to lighten hyperpigmentation.

What do age spots look like?

Age spots are pigmented splotches on the skin in a shade of brown, brownish gray, or black. They can appear anywhere, but most frequently develop on the face, chest, and back of the hands. 

Can you treat brown spots on the body?

Yes, we can successfully treat brown spots on the body.

Can liver disease cause brown spots​ on the skin?

No, liver disease does not cause brown spots on the skin. Even though they may be called "liver spots", the liver has no impact on the development of brown spots and they are not related. Rather, these spots are caused by the cumulative effects of sun exposure.

Are brown spots on skin dangerous?

Brown spots on the skin aren't typically considered to be a health concern. They are more of a cosmetic issue. However, some brown spots can be cancerous, therefore it is safer to have them inspected by a dermatologist and treated ​if need be.

Why am I getting so many age spots?

Age spots are pigmented spots on the skin that have an excess of melanin. These are typically caused by sun exposure and aging. If you've developed a noticeable number of these spots, you should protect​ your skin from the sun d​aily with broad-spectrum sunscreen​. Also, consider having them inspected by a dermatologist, since some may be cancerous.

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