Cosmetic Removal of Moles & Cysts & Other Benign Skin Lesions Toronto

Excision of Benign Skin Growths

Moles and cysts are common and many patients seek cosmetic removal of these and other benign skin lesions.

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Cosmetic Removal of Benign Skin Lesions

When performed by a highly skilled dermatologist, excision of benign moles and cysts creates smoother, clearer-looking skin free from distractions.

For some patients, these moles and cysts have been present for years. Other patients might be noticing these skin marks for the first time. In either case, it’s essential to consult with a dermatologist to ensure the moles and cysts are benign and removed properly.

Who is Cosmetic Removal of Moles and Cysts For?

In general, you may consider mole or cyst removal if you:

  • Have otherwise healthy skin.
  • Notice a mole or cyst you want removed.
  • Want to minimize the appearance of a mole because of its size, colour, or placement.
  • Have discussed all of your options with your dermatologist.

You and your dermatologist will discuss which treatment option will give you the best result.

How Do Moles and Cysts Develop?

Evidence suggests that the development of moles and cysts are influenced by our family history. Increased sun exposure also tends to increase the number of moles a person has.

Moles are collections of melanocytes, which are the cells in your skin that produce pigment. Most moles are brown or black, but the colour may vary from person to person. Moles on the face tend to have less pigment.

Cutaneous cysts are sac-like pockets containing keratin.

Our Comprehensive Approach to the Cosmetic Removal of Benign Moles & Cysts

Our board-certified dermatologists use several methods to remove benign moles and cysts

Options for mole and cyst removal include:

  • Liquid nitrogen: Some benign lesions can be frozen off with the careful application of liquid nitrogen. When performed by a dermatologist, this technique can eliminate unwanted skin lesions quickly and with only one to two weeks of healing.
  • Shave excision: The most common removal technique for benign moles is a dermatologist-perfected technique, the shave excision. This procedure is performed with local anesthetic and does not require stitches. As specialists focused on the skin, dermatologists are expertly trained in scar-minimizing techniques.
  • Excision: In some instances, removal of a mole or cyst is accomplished via surgical excision and the site is closed with sutures.

Mole and Cyst Removal FAQ

All excisions at Compass Dermatology are performed by board-certified dermatologists.

Benign moles removed by shave excision (which gives the best cosmetic result) may rarely recur.

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