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Removal of Leg Veins

Spider veins are abnormally enlarged vessels that develop just below the skin. They can appear anywhere on the face or body, but most frequently develop on the legs—which is why they're also called leg veins. It is a common skin condition, appearing in 30%-60% of the adult population.

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Getting Rid of Spider Veins is Both Safe and Easy

We offer noninvasive methods to reduce the appearance of spider veins. Our treatments are fast and require little to no downtime, allowing you to get back to your daily activities quickly. We've found that a ​combination of Broad Band Light (intense pulsed light technology), and the ND Yag laser to be the most successful in treating spider veins.

Because we've successfully treated hundreds of patients with spider veins, our experienced dermatologists have been able to refine our treatment protocols to achieve a high satisfaction rate. From millenials to baby boomers, our patients are consistently impressed by the ​improved appearance they get from the treatments they undergo.

Spider veins develop when valves do not work properly, allowing blood to flow backwards rather than upwards toward the heart. To accommodate this pooling blood, new veins are created. These are spider veins and are non-functional as part of the circulatory system.

One cause of spider veins is pressure that prevents the blood from pumping through properly (this may be due to excess weight). However, a more common reason, particularly in women, is hormones. In fact, you can probably blame increased levels of estrogen. That's why at times when estrogen levels are high, such as during pregnancy or when taking birth control pills, there is a higher risk of developing spider veins.

Spider Vein & Leg Vein Treatment FAQ

There are several medical aesthetic technologies that can eliminate spider veins on the legs. We've found that a​ combination of B​road Band Light, a type of intense pulsed light technology, and the ND Yag laser to be the most successful in treating spider veins.

Spider veins are not believed to be harmful, ​however larger veins can sometimes be indicative of an underlying health condition.

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