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Reversing the Effects of UV Exposure

The majority of skin aging is due to sun exposure throughout a person's life. In fact, it is believed that about 90% of skin aging is directly caused by sun exposure, as reported by a study published in the official medical journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

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Years of worshipping the sun can leave​ you with tired, saggy skin that adds years to your ​skin​ age. The cumulative effects of sun exposure become more apparent with every passing year. We see these damaging effects on our complexion in the form of wrinkles, dull skin, sun spots, freckles and small, dilated blood vessels. You may also notice rough patches of scaly skin ​which are known as actinic keratosis. These can all be caused by UV rays.

To get ahead of sun damage, make sure to slather on sunscreen and cover up. That's the first step to keeping your skin youthful and healthy!

Part of the rigorous medical training that dermatologists undergo includes studying skin cancer, making them experts on this topic. This is important because many of the visible signs of sun damage can be the first signs of skin cancer.

Our dermatologists would be happy to create a personalized plan for you to reverse your sun damage based on your skin exam and analysis.​ And don't forget - it's never too late to start wearing sunscreen!

The best way to prevent aging and sun damage is through daily application of ​a broad-spectrum s​ unscreen, even on cloudy or winter days, to protect your skin.

Your skin can be impacted by UV exposure, whether you're at the beach or in a tanning bed. Both methods will cause the same damaging effects. We will help you develop a customized approach that reverses the effects of sun damage, so you can restore the health of your complexion and minimize the risk of developing more serious skin diseases. Dermatologists have extensive training in treating the skin and its related conditions. This means that a b​oard-certified d​ermatologist truly ​understands​ your skin, and how to accurately assess its condition.

Sun Damage Treatment FAQ

Sun damage on the skin can come in a variety of forms. Prolonged UV exposure has a negative impact on the collagen and reparative abilities of the skin. This can lead to the formation of wrinkles, sagging, discolouration, and roughness.

Yes, skin damaged by UV exposure can be repaired. Depending on the type of issue, laser, BroadBand Light (BBL) and chemical peels​ may all be options in repairing the skin. Injectable treatments may also be options. Remember to use broad-spectrum sunscreen daily.

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