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The visible signs of aging can be beautiful. Folds and creases can add character to the face, complementing your inner strength and vibrance. But are they defining you? Take control over the worsening effects of volume loss so you can age with confidence.

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Reverse the Effects of Volume Loss

Facial volume loss is caused by the deterioration of collagen, fat, and bone. Pockets of fat also descend and become unevenly distributed. The effects of volume loss are particularly prominent on your face. You can see them as:

  • A lengthening forehead
  • Hollowing under the eyes and at the temples
  • Flattening of the cheeks
  • A nose tip that droops
  • Deepening creases and folds around the nose, mouth and chin
  • Thinning lips
  • Jowls
  • Drooping chin

We offer a variety of cosmetic injectables to help restore volume loss.

Restoring volume loss requires the artistry of an experienced injector and a keen eye. A comprehensive approach is necessary to restoring youthful facial contours that won't camouflage your features. The key is to enhance your natural beauty, not hide it! That's why our board-certified dermatologists perform every injectable treatment, so you can achieve the subtle, beautiful results you desire.

Facial volume loss can begin in patients who are as young as 25 years old. However, most patients find the issue to only become troubling when they're in their 40s. We have found that the most effective treatment to replace volume loss is injectables, specifically dermal fillers and Poly-L-Lactic Acid. Both work by adding a substance to the skin that plumps it up and/or encourages collagen production. Results may be instantly noticeable or take a few weeks to months to appear, lasting for 6 months to 2 years.

Volume Loss Treatment FAQ

What causes volume loss in face?

Facial volume loss is caused by decreased levels of collagen in the skin, as well as deterioration and descent of fat pockets. Bone density also decreases, which is also a contributing factor.

How do I add volume to my face?

Volume loss in the face can be restored with injectable treatments such as dermal fillers and Sculptra. Both work by plumping up the skin and restoring the foundational base for the skin.

At what age does your face change most?

Facial volume loss becomes particularly prominent in the 40s and 50s. This is when the visible signs of aging worsen, impacting a person's appearance.

How do I stop my face from losing volume?

Leading a healthy lifestyle and following a skincare regimen suitable for your skin are essential. Avoid factors such as smoking, suntanning, stress, and weight fluctuations, which all accelerate facial volume loss. 

What causes loss of volume under eyes?

Under eye hollows are caused by weakening skin elasticity and the displacement and deterioration of fat pads. This leads to hollows and a more prominent tear trough.

What age should you get fillers?

Fillers are suitable for adult patients who want to improve or rejuvenate their facial contours without surgery. Patients who are in their 20s and dislike the shape of their lips or cheeks may benefit from fillers, while those in their 70s may want to get fillers to replace volume loss. The use of fillers at any age for facial enhancement or rejuvenation can be
part of an individualized plan that will be designed in partnership with your dermatologist.

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