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Medical Grade Skincare

A medical-grade skincare regimen customized for you by our experts at Compass Dermatology will allow you to target your specific skincare concerns, including fine lines, melasma, antiaging, acne, and rosacea.  With powerful, scientifically proven ingredients, medical-grade skincare is also key to maintaining the transformative results achieved with in-clinic treatments.

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What is Medical Grade Skincare?

Medical grade skincare generally contains higher concentrations of active ingredients than over-the-counter products.  These products have also been tested and proven to be effective.  New advances in skincare are often first introduced in medical-grade products.

Medical grade skincare is proven effective in clinical research conducted by the manufacturer. In fact, the clinical trial results of many medical-grade skincare products can be found in distinguished medical journals.

Why Pharmaceutical Grade Skincare Could Be a Good Choice for You

  • The products are more potent and formulated for enhanced penetration.
    Medical grade skincare products contain the most potent active molecules and in concentrations that have been proven to provide results.  They are also formulated for enhanced penetration into the skin.
  • Medical grade skincare is backed by research.
    The medical-grade skincare brands carried at Compass Dermatology have backed their products with clinical research proving their effectiveness.

Medical Grade Skincare FAQ

Medical grade skincare products generally contain higher concentrations of active ingredients.  Oversite by a dermatologist is important with these products because the way they are applied and combined with other products is important.

That wouldn't be any fun!  Products from different brands can easily be combined.  Our board-certified dermatologists and Skincare Specialists often combine brands, like a good mixologist, to get the best results for our patients.

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