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Medical Grade Skincare

A customized skincare regimen you can follow at home will not only reinvigorate your skin and resolve specific complexion issues, but also maintain the transformative results you achieve with in-clinic treatments.

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What is Medical Grade Skincare?

Medical grade skincare boasts a higher concentration of active ingredients to penetrate the skin and deliver therapeutic benefits more effectively. Because of their potency, you won't be able to find medical grade skincare products at a drugstore or department store. They are only available at physician-directed facilities under the supervision of a licensed doctor, like our dermatology practice, to protect the general safety of consumers.

Pharmaceutical grade skincare can transform your skin more dramatically, proven by medical research and development conducted by the manufacturer of each line. In fact, the results of clinical trials on products can often be found in distinguished medical journals.

Why Pharmaceutical Grade Skincare Could Be a Good Choice for You

  • Products are more potent.
    Because these products contain more active ingredients, they are more potent and penetrate the skin more deeply. That means they are more powerful and can give you more dramatic improvement. Their potency is also why they're only available at a physician-directed medical clinic. A licensed medical doctor, like one of our board-certified dermatologists, will assess your skin so they can recommend which products would be most suitable for you.
  • Medical grade skincare is backed by research.
    These products need to clinically prove what they claim to do, as outlined by the FDA and Health Canada. Manufacturers can't just make a claim without evidence. This means that you can be confident knowing that these products actually do what they say.

Medical Grade Skincare FAQ

What does medical grade skincare mean? What is pharmaceutical grade skincare?

Medical grade skincare are products that can only be carried by physician-directed practices. This is because these products feature ingredients that are more potent than what you could find at your local drugstore.  

Is SkinCeuticals medical grade?

Yes, SkinCeuticals is a medical grade skincare line.

Is medical grade skincare better?

Medical grade skincare contains ingredients that can be far more potent than regular skincare products. They are designed to penetrate the skin to provide more effective improvement.

What is the best medical grade skin care?

That depends on what complexion issue you'd like to improve. There are a variety of product lines currently available, each designed to target a particular complexion issue for a particular skin type. We have found that lines such as SkinCeuticals, Vivier, Neocutis, Alumier and Emepelle are formulated to be gentle, without compromising effectiveness. All of our brands are backed by science and have been thoroughly researched by our directors, Dr. Carroll and Dr. Cook.

What is medical grade sunscreen?

Medical grade sunscreen is formulated with ingredients that are more potent than regular sunscreen. It is designed to better penetrate the skin to deliver more active ingredients.

Should you only use one skincare brand?

It is not necessary to use one skincare brand. It's a better idea to find products that are suitable for your skin. Our board-certified dermatologists and Skincare Specialists often combine brands, like a good mixologist, to get the best results for our patients.

Where is SkinCeuticals made?

SkinCeuticals products are manufactured in the USA.

Is skincare a waste of money?

Any products designed to treat your skin are considered skincare. Even regular hand soap can be considered skincare. The quality of the formulation of a product determines how effective it is, and often price matches quality. This may not always be the case, but it is one determining factor.

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