Double Chin

Addressing Submental Fullness in Toronto

A study conducted a few years ago in the medical journal, SkinMed, found that 77% of patients visiting a dermatologist or plastic surgeon had issues with the fat under their chin (submental fat), and 61% wanted to do something about it.

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Refine Your Chin Contour

Excess fat and loose skin collecting under the chin are the primary causes of a double chin. You may find that the bulky shape of your chin makes you look overweight and older than ​your actual age.​

Our board-certified dermatologists can assess your double chin to determine whether targeting the fat or loose skin will help you eliminate your double chin. In some cases, both need to be addressed to full resolve this troubling aesthetic issue.

Double chin removal can be safely and effectively performed with the non-invasive options we offer at our dermatology practice. However, finding the most suitable treatment ​plan​ is essential if you want a satisfying improvement. One or more treatment modalities may be recommended for the best results.

Your chin is the defining feature of your lower face, distinguishing it from your neck. Redefining the chin for a smoother and sleeker contour will give you a boost in self confidence — and something to celebrate everytime you look in the mirror! Double chin treatments reshape the chin, eliminating ​unnecessary​ bulkiness for a sleeker profile. Treatments can achieve dramatic results that typically appear within a few days to m​onths​.

Double Chin Treatment FAQ

Fat under the chin can be removed with Deoxycholic Acid Injectable or Cryolipolysis Non-Invasive Fat Removal. Deoxycholic Acid Injectable is an injectable treatment that dissolves fat while Cryolipolysis Non-Invasive Fat Removal freezes it away. Often a staged combination approach is the best for optimal results.

A double chin may go away with exercise and diet, however it is not guaranteed and the improvement is unpredictable. Aging and weight fluctuations can make it even more difficult to get rid of a double chin naturally. In most cases, a double chin is permanent. 

Non-surgical aesthetic medical options can help eliminate a double chin without extensive risks or lengthy recovery period.

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