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Hollows Underneath the Eyes

The area under the eyes is highly susceptible to the aging process. Volume loss, skin laxity and discolouration can affect the area directly under the eyes, known as the tear troughs, and even extend downward to the upper cheeks.

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Treating the Delicate Skin Under the Eyes

Hollowing under the eyes is a common sign of aging. It is often due to fat loss under the eyes. With age, fat pockets deteriorate and descend, leaving the under eye area hollowed and sunken. Infraorbital dark circles often develop. Many patients feel that this gives them a “tired look” and wish to reverse this cosmetic issue for a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

Our dermatologists have discovered that hollowing under the eyes is best treated with a customized injectable cosmetic procedure. The most suitable injectables are soft in texture so that they can easily mold to the thin and delicate skin in this area, giving you beautiful, natural looking results.

All of the injectable treatments at Compass Dermatology are performed by our board-certified dermatologists. Unlike other doctors, dermatologists have undergone specific medical training in dealing with issues of the skin. This ensures that your treatment is not just performed by a doctor, but also by a medical professional who has extensive knowledge of the skin.

It is crucial that one of our dermatologists assess your under eye hollows ​as part of a comprehensive facial assessment. This is because the most effective treatment may not always require targeting the under eye area alone. In some cases, hollows may be the result of volume loss in the upper cheeks as well. If this is the case, injectables may be used to replace lost volume in the upper cheeks to act as a foundation upon which under eye treatments sit. The improvement would gently blend into your cheek contour, giving you a result that would be more effective, longer lasting and natural looking. The under eye area is delicate, but the gentle injection techniques of our experienced dermatologists ensure a treatment that will replenish volume loss without compromising the delicate skin in this area. You'll be able to see an instant improvement, although the optimal results of your treatment will appear in just 1-2 weeks.

Under Eye Hollowing Treatment FAQ

What causes under eye hollows?

Under eye hollows are often caused by fat loss and skin laxity.  

How do you completely cover under eye hollows?

Under eye hollows can be covered up by using makeup. A concealer containing some light reflecting abilities, can be applied to the darker areas to brighten them and make them less apparent.

For a solution that doesn't wash off, injectable fillers may also help plump up the area to reduce hollowness.

How long do under eye fillers last?

Depending on the type of injectable filler product used, the average is 6-9 months. Repeated treatments can yield longer lasting results.

Are under eye fillers dangerous?

When performed by experienced c​osmetic dermatologists, the risk related to under eye filler​ treatments is rare. Our board-certified dermatologists generally use a cannula to inject filler under the eyes which is considered a safer method. As well, we believe in a staged approach for safe, natural results.

Is one syringe of filler enough for under eyes?

It depends on the extent of correction involved. However, generally speaking 1-2 syringes may be sufficient when treating the under eye hollows. If the upper cheeks also need to be treated, more syringes may be needed.

What can I expect after under eye fillers?

As with any medical procedure, under eye fillers also have their own recovery period. It may take 1-2 weeks or so for side effects to gradually disappear and to see the optimal results of your treatment. Typical side effects include bruising, swelling and some redness. You'll receive post-treatment instructions to follow to assist with your recovery.

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