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Nonsurgical Options to Reshape Your Jawline

Attractiveness isn't just defined by the clarity and firmness of your skin — it's also defined by a smooth and defined jawline. The jawline serves as a scaffold for your face, and enhancing its definition and contour is key to elevated facial aesthetics.

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The Triangle of Youth

Often overlooked, the jawline is a cornerstone of a youthful facial shape.

For women, this means reducing the heaviness along the jawline, so that the top part of the face is proportionately larger than the bottom. It should look more like the letter V, with a defined and smoother jawline. This is called the triangle of youth.

For men, an angular and heavier-set jawline is typically considered more attractive. Treatments can add desired fullness to p​roject a more masculine​ contour.

Jawline contouring treatment requires an artistic eye that enhances the natural features of each patient. Results are highly dependent on the injecting dermatologist's training and expertise as well as a patient's age, skin quality, and goals.​ We believe that your jawline should look proportionately attractive from all angles after your treatment.

Jawline contouring treatment is effective for younger and older patients. In younger patients, it can reshape the jawline to create a more balanced appearance. In older patients, the treatment can resolve the visible signs of aging. Aging causes volume loss and decreased skin elasticity. The skin and fat along the jawline descends contributing to the formation of jowls. Jawline contouring offers patients the ability to enhance and restore their facial proportions with little to no downtime. You'll enjoy improved facial symmetry and a more youthful appearance that compliments your natural features.

Jawline Contouring Treatment FAQ

There are a variety of jaw sculpting and jawline contouring treatments, including laser based modalities and injectables. For this reason, the cost depends on the type of treatment sought. Generally speaking, however, treatments are in the hundreds of dollars.

When treating the jawline, botox can soften its appearance to make it less angular. During jawline contouring treatment, botox targets the masseter muscle. This relaxes the masseter, making it less bulky which in turn smoothes out the jawline. Botox may also be used along the jawline to decrease the pull from the neck muscles thereby producing a more defined jawline.

The Art of Redefining Your Facial Contour

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