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A Bride's Guide to a Glowing Wedding Look

Do You Hear Wedding Bells? 

Wedding season is just around the corner, Friend! If you’re a bride-to-be (or you know someone who is), you know how important it is to look and feel your best on the big day. After all, those memories—and pictures—can last a lifetime.

Do you want healthy, vibrant-looking skin and that no-makeup makeup look for your wedding day? Here’s what we suggest for you pre-wedding planners:

  1. Book a consultation with us—preferably just after you get engaged. We’ll make a plan with you and schedule some strategic treatments leading up to the wedding.
  2. Think about your goals and consider what you’re ready to invest in. We typically recommend some laser treatments, a little bit of Botox, and a few other elements to focus on crow’s feet and smile line areas.
  3. Plan for a JetPeel before key milestones, including wedding showers, bachelorette parties, and (of course) the big day itself.

Wedding preparation can be stressful—so let us take skincare off your list. Then you can get back to dreaming about the honeymoon.



For the Rest of the Wedding Party... 

Just because it’s not your special day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look and feel your best too. For other members of the wedding party, here’s what the team at Compass Dermatology recommends:

​​- Mother of the Bride or Groom: Try a general face refresh. We typically use Botox and dermal fillers, as well as some laser treatments, to even out skin pigmentation.

- Father of the Bride or Groom: Maybe all you want is a little tune-up. Consider a gentle laser treatment to even things out—like MOXI™ or BBL.

-​ Groom: Don’t look too tired after that bachelor party! Focus on the eye areas and think about fillers to stay looking sharp.

- Bridesmaids: Keep those photos looking fresh with some “baby” Botox or a light lip treatment. Make it a night to remember.



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