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The ultimate wedding countdown for your skin.

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is quickly approaching, and just like any bride, she's prepping herself for the big day. It’s understandable that when dealing with pressing concerns like dress fittings, selecting the perfect shoes, and finalizing floral arrangements, there’s a chance you may have overlooked one small, but important, detail—your skin.

We're here to make sure that not only the bride, but also her bridal party and guests, are glowing for the big day. We've created a timeline to help you stay on schedule with your beauty treatments leading up to the big day. The wedding countdown starts now:

4-6 Months Prior

Schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. If you have major skin concerns, like acne and uneven pigmentation, it’s best to get the situation under control well in advance. This is the perfect time for your derm to address any skin concerns with treatments. Since some of these treatments require more than one session, you need to start as early as possible.

3 Months Prior

Make time for a complexion check-in. Book an appointment with your dermatologist so they can see how your skin is responding to any new prescriptions and products. At this point, there is still time to tweak your regimen or in-office treatments so you get the best results by the wedding day.

2 Months Prior

Practice good skin maintenance. To boost your pre-ceremony glow, consider a light chemical peel or superficial laser resurfacing such as Gentle Fractional Laser. Also, start wearing lots of sunscreen to prevent your skin from any unnecessary sunburns.

1 Month Prior

There’s no better time to get botox or dermal fillers than now. Bruising and swelling are possible for 2 weeks following injectable treatments, so you’ll be giving your skin the optimum time to recover.

2-3 weeks Prior

Start spot treating any problem areas and be careful to not pop any pimples—last minute blemishes can be managed with a quick steroid injection. The last thing you want is a scar or scabbed area on your face the day of the wedding. Don’t forget to err on the side of caution while trying any new products—you can experiment after the honeymoon.

Are you ready to put your best face forward as you walk down the aisle?


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