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Adult acne attacking your self-confidence? Put your best face forward.

Treating Acne & Acne Scarrinig: Discover Your Fresh Face

When you’re feeling confident about your appearance, anything seems possible. But if you’re struggling with acne scars or adult acne, you might not feel so self-assured.

At Compass Dermatology, we call ourselves the Confidence Doctors because we’re in the business of helping you feel good in your skin—whatever your goals may be. So if you’re ready to overcome your acne issues, we want to help.


  • Step 1: Treat recurring acne. More adults get acne than you might realize—and for a variety of reasons. Talk to your dermatologist about creating a strategy to mitigate it.


  • Step 2: Treat acne scars. Get a fresh start by addressing existing scars. Laser treatments, microneedling, and chemical peels can help eliminate those pesky reminders of pimples past.


  • Step 3: Face the world with confidence. With a simple combination of treatments, you’ll be feeling fabulous in no time—and taking on your world with style.


Get some advice from the experts at Compass Dermatology and put your best face forward.


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