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Free radicals are a thing of the past—wait, no they aren’t! Our skin couldn’t possibly defend itself without cellular fortification. We need SPF, rest, and supplements for true inner and outer glow. That’s where Bend Beauty comes in. Their impressive ingredients work from the inside out to boost collagen production for healthy skin, hair, and nails. Take it from us—we’ve tried it alllllll and we love this line.

The Product: Marine Collagen + Co-Factors

Hear the sound of spoons clinking by the water cooler? That’s our derms and skin experts mixing their daily collagen cocktail (water + collagen). Bend Beauty’s skin-boosting supplement comes in three delicious flavours. Mix it in water, a smoothie, or even a cup of coffee.

The Benefits: Strength & Beauty 

With a whopping 4500 ml of marine peptides (versus the measly 2400 ml of peptides derived from cow hide offered by other brands), you’ll get a zap of luxury collagen to hydrate and protect your skin from free radicals. Yes, you still have to wear SPF, silly.

The Product: Renew + Protect

OMEGAS, BABY! Take a fish oil supplement without that fishy aftertaste?! This mint-flavoured omega supplement by Bend Beauty uses the highest-quality ingredients to defend and nourish your largest (and arguably most important, but we’re biased) organ. Skin is the priority—good breath is a bonus.

The Benefits: Inner & Outer Glow

Packed with the juicy ingredients your skin craves, you can actually grow BETTER skin with Bend Beauty. This foundational product supports your body from the inside, with DHAs and omega-3s and -6s to hydrate, firm, smooth, and protect. If an office full of derms and skin experts uses a product, you might want to check it out.

Curbside at Compass: Pick up some Bend Beauty for yourself after a free consultation with the skin experts!

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