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Top 5 New Trends in Aesthetics with Dr. Carroll and Dr. Cook

New Year, New Looks: Top 5 Trends in Aesthetics for 2023

Are you looking forward to this new year, Friend? We are too. At Compass Dermatology, our expert staff is always on the lookout for the latest trends in the aesthetics community.

That’s why this month we’re bringing you the doctors’ top five trends in aesthetics for 2023. These are the treatments, philosophies, and styles you’ll be seeing more of this year.


    1. CHIN AND JAWLINE TREATMENT. Time can weigh us down—both figuratively and literally. By focusing treatment on the chin and jawline, dermatologists can help maintain a youthful profile.

    3. LIFT WITHOUT VOLUME. With the technology of Silhouette InstaLift Threads, a non-surgical treatment that takes under an hour to complete, see visible lifting of the cheeks and jawline—without adding volume. It’s anti-gravity in action.

    5. STEM CELL PRESERVATION. This isn’t your grandma’s sci-fi flick. By preserving live stem cells taken from your hair follicles, we’re taking anti-aging into the future with improved hair growth, skin rejuvenation, injury recovery, and even disease treatment.

    7. DEVICES FOR DIVERSITY. Different skin types call for different treatments… naturally. That’s why we’re seeing an increase in the use of nanosecond and picosecond lasers in dermatology clinics to better treat the full scope of human beauty.

    9. AESTH-ETHICS. We want to treat the whole you—and not just on the surface. By combining ethics and aesthetics, our community is cultivating a future that is bright and beautiful on every level. Let’s be better together.


Interested in learning more about these treatments—or any other trends that might be on the horizon? Schedule an appointment with us. We’ll keep you in the loop and discuss whether these or any other treatments will help you achieve your desired look.



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