Chapped and Confused: How to Treat Your Dry Lips GLOBAL

lip treatment toronto

In the Media Chapped and confused: How to treat your dry lips November 28, 2018 Global News – Dr. Julia Carroll Nothing ruins getting close and cozy in the winter like a pair of chapped lips! Not to worry- Dr. Carroll has you covered! See all of her tips and tricks for smooth lips all…

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I Got Fillers in My Face and I Am Not Sorry BRAZEN WOMEN

filler treatment brazen women article

In the Media “I got fillers in my face, and I am not sorry” October 15, 2018 Brazen Women – Dr. Julia Carroll “I got fillers in my face, and I am not sorry.” Dr. Carroll is Brazen Women’s go-to for injectable expertise. See Mara’s experience, appointment and outcomes in this featured article. Read the…

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What it’s Really Like to Get Fillers for the First Time 29 SECRETS


In the Media What it’s really like to get fillers for the first time October 1, 2018 29 Secrets – Dr. Julia Carroll No muss, no fuss! If you have ever been curious about filler appointments, treatment areas or results, 29Secrets shines the spotlight to Dr. Julia Carroll to provide fluff-free filler expertise. Watch it…

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