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Shape up! Introducing our new Skin Gym program.

Shape up! Introducing our new Skin Gym program.

You wouldn't go to a single pilates class and expect immediate results—we wish. A fit physique takes time, so why would your skin be any different? Our new Skin Gym Membership* allows you to stay committed to your skin "workout" so you can maintain glowing and healthy skin year round.

Think of the first three monthly treatment sessions as "bootcamp"—minus the aggressive fitness instructor. At each session, we'll start off with Microdermabrasion to remove the uneven outer layer of skin, leaving a clean slate to work with. Then, we'll use a Light Photorevelation Laser to tighten and tone, followed by a V2 Beauty Booster treatment to improve hydration and texture. Lastly, you'll "cool down" with a post-treatment mask.

The last five treatment sessions are used to maintain all the hard work you put in the skin gym. At each one, we'll do another round of Microdermabrasion, followed by a Photorevelation Laser treatment, and finish with a post-treatment mask.

Make it your New Year's resolution to get your skin in the best shape it's ever been in by contacting us or visiting our facilities.



*To start the Skin Gym program, the patient will need to put $1500 down at their first treatment and pay the remaining $1500 at the time of the third session, a total of $3000. Although we recommend patients use their eight treatments each month, the packages will not expire until 12 months after signing up.

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