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Is Your Skin on the Naughty List?

Is Your Skin on the Naughty List?

‘Tis the season for family gatherings and Christmas parties, but late nights and a loaded schedule throughout the holidays can lead to tired eyes, dull skin, and cracked hands. If you’re already stressing over the long list of commitments you’ve made over the next month, no worries—we’re here to handle any skin issues you may have this holiday season. Your skin will be looking merry and bright with one (or more) of our treatments:


 Under Eye Hollowing

We have the solutions to your under eye bags, and we aren’t talking Chanel. Dermal fillers instantly lift the area with minimal downtime, while Selphyl—aka “Vampire Filler”—is a procedure which uses your own platelets to improve crepey skin under the eye.


Skin Tightening

Getting the right gifts for everyone, catching up with family and friends, and traveling are just a few of the stressful tasks you have to face during the holidays—combating signs of aging doesn’t have to be one. Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin naturally. This non-invasive treatment is perfect for a quick—but lasting—fix in-between your holiday errands.


Hand Rejuvenation

Your hands are probably feeling a little neglected after all the gift wrapping, cooking, and cold weather. BBL™/BroadBand Light Therapy is a laser that heats up the top layer on the back of your hands to stimulate collagen and remove brown spots, and Radiesse is a hydrating dermal filler that rids the hands of hollowing or wrinkles. Now that’s a duo better than Santa Claus and Rudolph.


Whether you’ve had too little sleep or too much holiday cheer, your skin can look well-rested this Christmas—even if it isn’t. 


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