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Cupid Can’t Give You Lips Like These—But We Can.

Cupid Can’t Give You Lips Like These—But We Can.

In case you haven't noticed, lip enhancement treatments have seen a major rise in popularity over the last few years. When done correctly by one of our expert cosmetic dermatologists, achieving a natural look is simple. Avoid starring in an episode of “Botched Toronto” by selecting one of our signature lip enhancement treatments: 

  1. Plump Pout. Add volume and fullness by creating a soft, subtle, plump lip. The skin takes on a translucent, radiant appearance, making it look more youthful and rejuvenated. 
  2. Smooth Surroundings. Even out the contours, vertical lines, and any fine lines surrounding the lips using the glossing technique so the area still looks natural. 
  3. Perfect Proportion. Balance the proportion of volume in the upper and lower lip and fill lip lines. The lip lush technique combines dual products, just like lip liner and lipstick work as one, to create evenness along the lip line and add volume to the lips.

Book a consultation to determine the best look for your face. No matter which technique you go with, you're sure to love your new kissable pout—just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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